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Please Note This Site Hopefully Will Be Turned Over To An Appropriate Nonprofit

As soon as this site is donated, this page will fly away.

Now, I have to do some noodleing and doodling and flapsing around the net; google; facebook; reddit; my friends near and far; and maybe Arthur Rosenau's enduring love; in hopes to find an appropriate non profit media organization here in Bellingham, Washington.

Be aware that you may hear me singing about donating while dancing in the weight room at the Whatcom YMCA. If you can come up with a good suggestion, please join in, hold hands with me, and dance with me and tell me the good news!

What Ever Happens, I Always Love You All. Wave and blow kisses at me if you see me out and around.

Until my dancing shakes something loose, I do provide this link if you are lost trying to find the stories about my love of Arthur Rosenau.

In the meantime, here are some hopefully helpful links to some local Bellingham media and other worthwhile organizations